Bismuth barware anyone?


Custom bismuth barware anyone? Get a one-of-a-kind unique gift for that person who has everything.

Six different glasses and bismuth textures available: a Coca-Cola drinking glass, a tall beer glass, a wine glass, a champagne flute, a rocks glass (Old Fashioned glass), and a wine decanter/carafe. Of course, use them for whatever you wish.

A light coating of bismuth only around the sides so that the glass still touches the table, and not too heavy.

Contact me to buy.

Bismuth metal texture art crystal lot. 

Bismuth texture lot for bismuth crystal collectors and handmade jewelery makers. You get the 17 texture samples shown, each highlighting some of the uncommon bismuth textures. 

Check the video on my IG: swirl_revolution. Great for wirewrapping, wirewrap jewelry, rings, pendants, earrings, or to display or collect.

Contact me to purchase this lot.