King Bismuth is the premiere BISMUTH metal artist located on the East Coast of the United States.

My focus is on bismuth pendants, marble stands, functional glass art, and coating glass, crystals, and metals with bismuth and copper electroform. I particularly enjoy upcycling garage sale finds by combining with bismuth and/or copper.  Seeking collabs with artists in boro glass or other media.

Know your BISMUTH!

Bismuth pendants.
Bismuth pendants.
Bismuth is a nontoxic metal that is softer than glass and can be as brittle as an egg when fairly thin. This means that bismuth won’t bend like most metals, it will crack or crumble if it hits a hard surface or if it’s not handled carefully.

Read each individual description to determine how fragile a particular piece is.  Some of my art bismuth and pendants have been reinforced with copper electroform.  This will provide some strength to a thin piece of bismuth to prevent accidental chipping or breakage.